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General terms and conditions

Jamso-Trainee – General terms and conditions

Please read the Jamso Trainee (JT) Terms and Conditions of Service carefully before submitting your online application. By submitting your application, you certify that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


  1. Your contract with us

(1) Your contract with the Operator and any matters arising from it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Germany and Mannheim.

(2) If any part, term or provision of this contract is held to be illegal or unenforceable it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the contract. Furthermore, if any covenants are held illegal or unenforceable by virtue of its scale, extent or duration, it shall remain valid and enforceable in such reduced scale, extent or duration as any court may decide as being the maximum scale, extent or duration permissible.

(3) A Minimum age of 18 at a travellers time of travel applies to all trips unless otherwise specified.

(4) The customer’s application constitutes the offer to conclude a travel contract. This text has been sorted in textual form by Jamso Trainee (JT below).

(5) The customer is bound to this application until accepted by JT, but not longer than 14 days from the time of registration.

  1. Flights / Visa

(1) Jamso Trainee does not arrange flights or make any travel arrangements to the volunteering or language school destination and this is the sole responsibility of the volunteer/student.

General advice concerning passport(s), visa(s) and health/vaccination requirements is available on Jamso Trainee site ( Should Jamso Trainee provide any suggestions and/or advice on these matters, this is purely indicative only and volunteers/students are responsible for conducting their own research.

(2) Passport, visa, and health requirements are subject to change and the volunteer/student must check current requirements before departure. It is the volunteer’s/students responsibility to obtain all documents required for their trip to ensure that these are in proper order. Jamso Trainee will not be liable if the volunteer/student fails to do so, and the volunteer/student will be responsible for meeting any additional cost(s) incurred by reason of such failure.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer/student, not Jamso Trainee, to make sure that the relevant visas and/or permits are in place. Please check with the appropriate Embassy or Consulate well in advance before you travel outside your country.

(3) The volunteer/student is responsible for carrying all necessary documents when traveling abroad, including, but not limited to, passport, visa, work/volunteer permit (where necessary), etc.

f the volunteer/student chooses to obtain a visa ‘on arrival’ for those countries that allow this process, Jamso Trainee is not liable in any respect if, for whatever reason, the volunteer/student is refused a visa and cannot enter the country.

Jamso Trainee shall not be responsible if entry is denied to a country due to incorrect visa or passport documentation.


  • FEES

Jamso Trainee makes every effort for its fees to be affordable. Jamso Trainee programs operate with a Program Fee. This includes a deposit of 20% after submissions of tge application and an 80% program fee 8 weeks before starting the project.



Details of applicable program fees are outlined on each program page of the Jamso Trainee Website and any fee revisions will be made public via that platform.

All incurred transaction costs pertaining to online, bank, or wire transfers must be covered by the volunteer/student. Program fees may be subject to change, but will not affect volunteers/students who have already paid their deposit (20%).

The Program fees (80%) are due eight weeks prior to the start of the volunteer’s placement. If the booking is made within eight weeks of the start date, payment is due immediately upon the date the volunteer’s application has been accepted. Failure to make this payment may result in the loss of the volunteer’s place on the program with no refund of the deposit.

All program fees shall be divided, in which 70% shall be sent to the local organization hosting the volunteer, and 30% is used as a registration fee and to cover bank forex fees and other transactional charges.

The volunteer acknowledges that Jamso Trainee collects program fees on behalf of the local hosting organization and any dispute about program fees arising once the program has commenced must be made with the local organization.

The payment of program fees does not guarantee the exact program selected. As with all volunteering in developing countries it is important that volunteers remain flexible. Staff shortages, school and public holidays, etc may require the volunteer to take part in different projects offered by the same partner organization.



(1) Jamso Trainee reserves the right to investigate any claim for a refund to determine its origin and if any refund is truly due to any fault of Jamso Trainee. Should Jamso Trainee determine that a refund is warranted due to a fault of JT and through no fault of the volunteer/student, then Jamso Trainee will issue a refund, full or partial, in accordance with our Refund Policy Schedule (outlined below).

Program Fees are subject to the following refund policy schedule:

  • Cancellation more than 90 days from the booking start date = 100% refund
  • Cancellation made less than 45 days, but more than 30 days = 50% refund
  • Cancellation made less than 30 days, but more than 14 days = 25% refund
  • Cancellation made less than 14 days from booking start date = No refund

Once the program commences, there shall be no refunds, either full or partial, for any reason, except if deemed warranted by Jamso Trainee and at Jamso Trainee sole discretion.

The volunteer/student agrees that only Jamso Trainee shall make the sole and final determination if any refunds, either full or partial, are issued.

(2) Booking Changes: Changes prior to project confirmation can be made without charge. Any further changes to their start date, destination or duration of an administration fee of US$80 for each change. Program changes within fourteen days of the volunteer’s start date will incur a late change fee of US$160. If the traveler changes the program start date, then the date considered for refund purposes will be the earliest of the dates planned, unless agreed otherwise in writing with Jamso Trainee.



Traveler agrees to be responsible for any payment made to Jamso Trainee that becomes defaulted and in which any late charges or default fees become attached. In addition, if a payment made by a traveler is in error and reversed, the volunteer/student shall be responsible to Jamso Trainee for any error charges processing the bad payment. Furthermore, should a payment become defaulted at any time, Jamso Trainee has the right to cease any volunteer/student service(s) on behalf of the volunteer/student and the volunteer/student shall then not be entitled to any refund.


  • Insurance & Immunizations

(1) Jamso Trainee does not provide the volunteer/student with insurance of any kind. Furthermore, all programs require valid travel insurance; this is mandatory for all traveler, on all programs. Accordingly, the volunteer/student is solely responsible for deciding the type, extent, and level of any insurance they require during the planned travel period and is solely responsible for organizing and covering the costs of this insurance.

(2) While Jamso Trainee pre-departure packages include information on immunizations, each volunteer/student is responsible for checking and confirming the immunizations required for their specific destination of travel. Should Jamso Trainee make any suggestions and provide advice on immunizations this is for indicative purposes only. Traveler are solely responsible for having the correct and necessary immunizations that they require for their travel. Jamso Trainee strongly recommend that volunteers / students visit their health professional at least eight weeks before traveling outside their country.

XV Anspruchsstellung, Verjährung, Ausschlussfrist
1. Vertragliche Ansprüche wegen völliger oder teilweiser Nichterbringung oder mangelhafter Erbringung von Reiseleistungen muss der Kunde innerhalb eines Monats nach der vertraglich vorgesehenen Beendigung der Reise JT gegenüber unter der unten angegebenen Adresse geltend machen. Nur bei unverschuldeter Fristversäumung ist eine Geltendmachung von Ansprüchen nach Fristablauf möglich.
2. Die in Ziffer 1 bezeichneten Ansprüche des Kunden verjähren in einem Jahr, soweit nicht Ansprüche für Körperschäden oder Ansprüche, die auf Vorsatz oder grober Fahrlässigkeit beruhen, betroffen sind. Solche vertraglichen Ansprüche verjähren in zwei Jahren. Die Verjährung beginnt mit dem Tag, an dem die Reise dem Vertrag nach enden sollte.

XVI Gültigkeit der Ausschreibung
Naturgemäß kann die Ausschreibung nur den bekannten Stand zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung wiedergeben, auch Fehler können selbst bei größter Sorgfalt vorkommen. Einseitige Änderungen durch JT sind daher möglich und bleiben vorbehalten, bis im Regelfall zum Zugang der Buchungsbestätigung in Textform.

XVII General Provisions
The statutory provisions apply as well, in particular the travel contract provisions of the “Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches – Germany” (BGB), §§ 651 ff (insofar as JT acts as a tour operator and German law is applicable to the contract).

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