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Volunteering in Tansania

Explore Tanzania and Zanzibar and find your best volunteer program

Über die Freiwilligenarbeit

Volunteering in Tanzania (Africa)

Living abroad offers great opportunities for making life changing experiences, whether you are a student, graduate, or already working in a professional field. Working as volunteer in Tanzania enables you to really get to know the country, its culture and people. Tanzania is a federal republic with Samia Suluhu Hassan (CCM) as the first female president of the country. The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, but the industrial center is the city of Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania has approximately 56 million inhabitants who belong to 130 different tribes. The national language is Swahili with English as the second official language. Tanzania is a developing country and many people live below the poverty line. The main economic activity is agriculture as 80% of the population live in rural areas away from the big cities. The second major industry is the tourism sector around the national parks across the country which creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Ausflug Freiwilligenarbeit Tansania

Warum sich als Volunteer in Tansania engagieren?

Your stay in Tanzania should be beneficial and meaningful for yourself as well as for your project. We will therefore provide you with intensive support right from the start. With the help of our volunteer guidebook you will be able to prepare for your assignment step by step. We are always there for you and can provide you with advice and hands-on support in case of any questions or unexpected problems. Our local partner and their team is in regular and personal contact with all of our projects. This is the only way we can ensure tha sustainable work is done and that you as a volunteer are in best hands. All volunteer programs can be confirmed as an internship.

Your efforts have a direct impact on the lives of people affected by unrest and poverty.

All programs need the support of dedicated volunteers to continue to provide valuable support to the projects. Particularly in Tanzania are the women’s empowerment programs which have a massive impact on the lives of participating women. By helping in kindergartens and schools, parents are supported to be able to go to work during this time. In Tanzania, you will come into contact with many people who need your initiative. It is important that you do not feel sorry for them, but that you are committed to going a small step further with your help and helping the local people.

Our volunteer projects in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Areas of activity in Tansania:

You can complete volunteer projects in Tanzania and Zanzibar in the following areas:

Daly life as a volunteer in the project

In your project, you will either live directly in the project location (volunteer house) or with a host family. In some of our programs, you can even decide where exactly you would like to live. We are here for you and will give you all the information you need about the different accommodation options. Take the opportunity to combine projects. Our travelers particularly appreciate our combinations of different projects in one country or across countries. Simply contact us and we will be happy to advise you. Start your adventure abroad now!



All programs can be booked with friends. If you would like to book a program as a group, we recommend that you enquire in advance. Each person must book the project individually.

Ideal for all programs are at least three months in advance. In principle it is also possible for us to place short-term applicants (volunteering and language study travel) in Tanzania.

Tanzania is a safe country and the people are very friendly and warmhearted. In big cities, as in every big city in the world, there is petty crime. When travelling, the following things should be taken into account: always keep an eye on valuables, always keep your hand luggage on your lap in buses, and at night you should not travel by bus or withdraw money from ATMs. Up-to-date information on the situation can be found at the Embassy or Foreign Office.

Please note that in Tanzania all electronic devices can only be used with an adapter. They are available in many electronics stores.

In principle, no language course is mandatory in advance. However, depending on the volunteering program, you can join some classes after your program. Your host is happy to support you with all.

Depending on the program, we work with host families in the vicinity or there are volunteer houses at the project site.

For all programs you have to be covered by foreign health insurance. We will be happy to help you find a suitable insurance policy.

During the language school and in the volunteering projects, you will always have a direct contact person to help you with any problems. Of course you can also always contact us.

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