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Ecuador - Insurance

While Jamso Trainee give you a information package include on visa requirements for your chosen destinations, each traveller is responsible for checking and confirming the visa requirements based on the passport they hold, and the country in which they are traveling.

Where you can find that information?
Embassy, Foreign Office, or State Departments will do have the most recent information of visa, passport requerements and work permits (if required).

Travel Insurance is compulsory for all of our programs. It is important tob e covered should something go wrong, including losing your luggage, dealing with flight interruptions or cancellations, and covering health and medical expenses.

In general you always will need:

  • a passport that has at least 6 months validity
  • travel insurance
  • at least 2 free pages for visas in your passport
  • Flights: please check if you need a transit visa, by connecting flights

do have always copies of your passport and travel insurance in your bags.

Auslandsaufenthalt Ecuador
Freiwilligenarbeit Ecuador
Auslandsaufenthalt Ecuador
Auslandsaufenthalt Ecuador

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