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Social work with children, teaching in Thailand

Du möchtest eine besondere Reise erleben und dich dabei sozial engagieren?

Über das Projekt

Do you love children and have always wanted to work with children? Then our project in Thailand is the right place for you. English is becoming increasingly important for the population in Thailand due to tourism. However, many schools in Thailand do not teach according to European standards. Depending on your own knowledge, you will work with younger or older children.

  • Teach children English or other subjects and assist the local teachers
  • Live with the Thais and get to know their culture and life
  • Go on excursions to temples, a night market and get to know the Thais and their culture
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From 910.00

Pay a deposit of 150.00


Show the children the new language English through play and fun and make the lessons an experience with the children through various exercises. The most important thing is to increase conversation.

The project supports many classes throughout the area. These include classes with young monks. For religious reasons, learning through play is not possible. Lessons with lots of pictures provide great variety and help you to get to know your country.



  • Placement in a selected project
  • Pick-up from the airport and transfer to your project
  • Local accommodation in a volunteer house
  • 3 meals per day
  • English-speaking support on site
  • Help with the search for cheap flights
  • Provision of information material about the project and Thailand
  • Support also during the project period
  • Certificate about your time in the project

Living arrangements

During your time in the project in Thailand, you will live with other volunteers from all over the world in well-equipped volunteer houses. Get to know Thai cuisine during your volunteer work.

Accommodation: Volunteer accommodation (shared room)
Meals: 3 typical meals per day

Typical day in a project

A volunteer day lasts between 4 and 6 hours. In Thailand, it is good to be flexible as a volunteer, as volunteers help at the school where help is needed. A typical day could look like this:
7.00 a.m. Breakfast at your volunteer accommodation
Then you go to the school near your accommodation
8.00 – 8.30 a.m. Start of the volunteer service
Around 12.30 pm break and lunch at your volunteer house
Afternoon: Play with the children or take part in activities such as Thai boxing

Evening: You are free and can explore the surrounding area with other volunteers. On some weekends, an event is planned for the monks. Volunteers can take part in these events and help out.


In addition to volunteering, you can take part in activities and excursions. Some are free for volunteers or for a small expense allowance. For example, you can take part in Thai boxing, excursions to temples and other activities. The contact persons are happy to have your support and would like to show you their region and their country.

Echte Geschichten, echte Erlebnisse

Wir sorgen dafür, dass wir unseren Reisenden die bestmögliche Unterstützung und einen guten Einblick in die neue Kultur bieten können. Projekte im Ausland bieten dir eine einmalige Gelegenheit, ein neues Land und deinen Traumjob kennenzulernen.

Thailand - Country Information

Thailand - the exotic country in Southeast Asia. Whether adventure in the majestic temples, relaxation on the paradisiacal islands, enjoying the diverse cuisine or immersing yourself in the fascinating culture - Thailand offers unforgettable experiences! Let yourself be enchanted by the blaze of color, the fascinating customs and the warm hospitality of this country. Experience Thailand as it lives and breathes, here the motto is always: Sanuk Sanan - Have fun!

Official language





513.120 km²


71,6 million (2021)


Thai Baht (THB)

Telephone code




All programs can be booked with friends. If you would like to book a program as a group, we recommend that you enquire in advance. Each person must book the project individually.

Ideal for all programs are at least three months in advance. In principle it is also possible for us to place short-term applicants (volunteering and language study travel) in Thailand.

Thailand is a safe country and the people are very friendly and warmhearted. In big cities, as in every big city in the world, there is petty crime. When travelling, the following things should be taken into account: always keep an eye on valuables, always keep your hand luggage on your lap in buses, and at night you should not travel by bus or withdraw money from ATMs. Up-to-date information on the situation can be found at the Embassy or Foreign Office.

Please note that in Thailand all electronic devices can only be used with an adapter. They are available in many electronics stores.

In principle, no language course is mandatory in advance. However, depending on the volunteering program, certain levels of the language of your destination country may be required to complete the project. We would be happy to advise you individually on your chosen project.

Depending on the program, we work with host families in the vicinity or there are volunteer houses at the project site.

For all programs you have to be covered by foreign health insurance. We will be happy to help you find a suitable insurance policy.

During the language school and in the volunteering projects, you will always have a direct contact person to help you with any problems. Of course you can also always contact us.

Application process for a volunteering program

Apply for a project on our website.

Make your deposit to secure a place for your project - you are welcome to contact us in advance to make sure there is still a place available for this period.

You will receive a separate booking confirmation from us by e-mail with further information.

For some programs we still need your resume.

You will receive an information package with the confirmation e-mail and have a fixed contact person for questions.

We plan your journey and help you with your travel arrangements.

Let´s start - be ready! we will contact you again and you will receive final information about 3 weeks before the start.


Before you set off for Thailand, you should always take out travel health insurance, accident insurance, emergency insurance, liability insurance and, if possible, luggage insurance.

over 3 months

International health insurance for long-term trips

When you book a trip, you can conveniently book your international insurance with our insurance partner here. The international health insurance for long-term trips is particularly popular with our interns. This is particularly interesting for stays of more than 3 months. For all information, individual calculation and quick and easy booking, please click on the button on the right. Recommendation: Book comfort cover at a reasonable price and enjoy even more security*.

less than 3 months

All-round carefree protection

For travelers going abroad for a shorter period, less than 90 days, our partner offers a very good all-round carefree protection. For all information, individual calculation and easy booking, click on the button on the right.

*All insurance information and liability can be found on the website of our insurance partner. Please note that Jamso Trainee cannot accept any liability for the completeness and accuracy of linked pages. This is the responsibility of the respective insurance provider.

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