Volunteering worldwide

You want to experience a special journey and engage in social engagement?

Our volunteer programs in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Bali and Thailand offer you the opportunity of a unique experience in the areas of social work, nature conservation and animal welfare.

What is volunteering?

A volunteering project cannot be compared to an internship abroad. As a volunteer you help in a project where help is needed. In each project there is a program coordinator who will introduce you at the beginning. The fields of activity vary according to project and season. All projects vary in length of stay depending on the country of destination. Here are the three largest areas for volunteering:

machu pichu peru

Naturfans aufgepasst.

Nature Conservation

Freiwilligenarbeit Wildlife

Du wolltest schon immer einmal mit Tieren arbeiten – hattest bisher aber noch nie die Möglichkeit hierfür?

Animal Welfare

Erfahrungsbereicht Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika

Du liebst Kinder und wolltest schon immer einmal mit Kindern arbeiten?

Social Work

In our projects you will live either with a host family or directly at the project site with all the volunteers. During your time in the project you will learn about social skills and teamwork as well as other cultures. You can combine many of our projects and gain insights into many areas. If you don't have an exact idea of your future profession yet, volunteering projects are a good way to find out what kind of job you might like. If you would like to combine several projects, just ask us.

Why Volunteering

It is an opportunity to get to know a country in a different way than just on holiday. By supporting a project you will immerse yourself completely in a new culture, meet new people and also learn a new language. It offers you the opportunity to live in the country for a certain period of time and to make a small contribution.

Auslandsaufenthalt Costa Rica Praktikum Galerie


Do a special journay and and engage in social engagement!

Auslandsaufenthalt Ecuador


Pacific, highlands and the Amazon, a lot of culture - in Ecuador you find a bit of everything.
Auslandsaufenthalt Peru Strandurlaub


Peru – a lot of nature, culture a warm hard people

Volunteering Thailand Chiang Mai


Help in Elephant Project and teach monks and kids in Thailand. You can also cominate this volunteer projects!

Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika Big Cat

South Africa

South Africa - amazing wildlife! Help in our big cat project or volunteer with kids.

Erfahrungsbericht Pädagoik Praktikum Bali Saskia


Do a special journay and and engage in social engagement!

school supporter, Tanzania


Help kids, street dogs and in sport programs

Auslandspraktikum Mexiko


Do a special journay and and engage in social engagement!

Dog Shelter Greece


help at dog shelter, turtle programs and at nature programs

Volunteering can also benefit YOU

With your dedication, you too should have an added value. If you work for a longer period of time, you can have this recognized as an internship in many projects. Are you for example a student of educational science? Would you like to find out what to do after graduating from high school? Would you like to learn Spanish? Or simply experience something new and special? In many countries, for example, you can combine your social commitment with expanding your language skills. You don't have to know the language in advance for every project.

Help is also needed in countries and regions where there is not absolute poverty

When choosing the right project for you, it is important to make sure that you do not step out too far from your comfort zone. Volunteering can also take place in a country where there is still running water and electricity. Especially if you have never been abroad before, you will still have enough work to do. If you feel like going to a foreign country and turning your back on Western customs for a while, you should still maintain a small comfort zone. It does not have to be the poorest countries in the world at the beginning. Next time you can go one step further.