Volunteering in Costa Rica

You like to travel and help in social projects?

Volunteering in Costa Rica

Living abroad offers great opportunities for making life changing experiences, whether you are a student, graduate, or already working in a professional field. Working as volunteer in Costa Rica enables you to really get to know the country, its culture and people. The natives, also known as ‘Ticos’ are well-known for their hospitality and rather laid back attitude towards life. What is more, Costa Rica is the only country of the world that does not have an army but is the oldest democracy of Latin America with a functional social system.

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Pura Vida – Dive into Costa Rican life and live like a Tico
‘Pura Vida’ are the words that you will hear most often when living in Costa Rica. ‘Pura Vida’ represents the natives’ joy of life, pride, optimism and levity. During your stay as a volunteer in Costa Rica, you will reside either in an accommodation together with other volunteers or you may stay with a Costa Rican host family. Living together with a family or fellow volunteers offers the opportunity to get to know the people and to make friends who you can spend your free time with. In Costa Rica a variety of projects are offered in the fields of education, animal protection, and the preservation of nature. Check out our projects (Volunteering), here.

Learning Spanish in day-to-day life
While working as a volunteer, you will easily learn the language and improve fast. Some of the voluntary projects such as the wildlife projects do not require a previous language class. However, basic knowledge of the language is important for you to find your way around.