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Frequently asked Questions: Volunteering and language school in South Africa

In principle, it is possible to spend your stay abroad together with friends. A language course and many volunteering projects can also be booked at short notice.

Ideal for all programs are at least three months in advance. In principle it is also possible for us to place short-term applicants (volunteering and language study travel) in South Africa.

South Africa is a safe country and the people are very friendly and warmhearted. In big cities, as in every big city in the world, there is petty crime. When travelling, the following things should be taken into account: always keep an eye on valuables, always keep your hand luggage on your lap in buses, and at night you should not travel by bus or withdraw money from ATMs. Up-to-date information on the situation can be found at the Embassy or Foreign Office.

Please note that in South Africa all electronic devices can only be used with an adapter. They are available in many electronics stores.

In principle, no language course is mandatory in advance. However, depending on the volunteering program, certain levels of the language of your destination country may be required to complete the project. We would be happy to advise you individually on your chosen project.

During your language school you will be life in a Hostel and students home.

For all programs you have to be covered by foreign health insurance. We will be happy to help you find a suitable insurance policy.

During the language school and in the volunteering projects, you will always have a direct contact person to help you with any problems. Of course you can also always contact us.

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